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Letting agents discussing company lets - Caboose Properties

Key Benefits

Maximising Gains, Minimising Efforts: Your Key Benefits

Letting Agents

We are always looking to work with and build long term relationships with agents who represent landlords of high-quality properties. We look to rent houses and flats on a long term basis in order to meet the increasing demand for accommodation from our corporate and leisure clients.


By partnering with us it is mutually beneficial for you as an agent and us as operators

- you continue to receive fees for much less work, we benefit from your experience, market

expertise and introduction to landlords.

A win-win scenario

In helping us provide properties that are suitable to accommodate employees of the

businesses that we work with (corporate guests, professionals and contractors),

it creates a win-win for agents, landlords and us as operators.


​Letting agents benefit from receiving long term management fees,

without having to manage the properties or deal with tenants.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski

You don't have to
find tenants

Image by Christopher Bill

You receive the management fee
from the landlord

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

You create revenue streams from previously 'untouchable' properties

Fist Bump

Much less admin

Volunteer Doing Paperwork

You don't have to
manage tenants

Contract Review

You are fully included
in the agreement

Image by Radu Florin

Almost zero

Call Center

No arrears to chase


You do not have to manage the property

Filling Out Tax Form

You create an additional source of income
with little commitment

Tax return

No more transfer
of utilities
or council tax

Image by Lee Blanchflower

No check out inspections

Ipswich docks - Caboose Properties

Get in Touch

Have a property on your books that you think would be suitable for a company let? Let us know!

07493 042 129

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