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"When money realises that it is in good hands,

it wants to stay and multiply in those hands”

Idowu Koyenikan

Elevate your investment returns
with Caboose Properties

Through selective investment, we acquire properties and implement value added strategies, ensuring attractive returns for private funders. Those that partner with us experience a professional and approachable company driven by integrity and honesty. Our track record promises competitive returns surpassing bank rates, aligning financial success with improvement to local communities.

Happy Investor - Caboose Properties

Unlock your investment journey with Caboose

We give 100%

We thrive because of our strong core values and great team.

At Caboose Properties, our industry experts are committed to delivering top tier results that benefit all stakeholders. Thorough due diligence ensures a deep understanding of market dynamics and growth prospects for each project. We uphold transparent communication, offering regular progress updates to private funders, fostering strong relationships built on trust and mutual achievement.

Key benefits to our partners


Strategic Investment Opportunities

Strategic value-added property acquisitions ensure mutually beneficial and profitable outcomes for our private funders

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Market Insight

Private funders can rely on our meticulous due diligence process, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of market positioning and growth potential

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Build enduring relationships founded on trust and shared success, as we collaborate towards achieving your investment goals


Expert Value Enhancement

As seasoned professionals and along with our 'power team' who specialise in implementing strategies that elevate property value, we ensure lucrative returns


Community Enrichment

Private funders don't just yield strong financial rewards – they help contribute to the improvement of local communities

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All projects undergo thorough research and rigorous stress tests, supported by our strong due diligence and comprehensive loan agreement, to ensure private funder confidence

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Lenders benefit by aligning their investment journey with a company rooted in integrity and honesty

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Transparent Communication

Our partners are informed every step of the way through transparent communication, receiving regular updates and progress reports

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In exchange for lending capital, private funders enjoy highly competitive fixed-rate returns that out perform inflation and standard market rates 

Experienced Industry Professionals

Collaborate with a team of industry experts committed to

delivering exceptional results that benefit all stakeholders

Join hands with Caboose

Rest assured, your information is secure and will only be used to facilitate our communication. Your investment aspirations are our priority, and we're eager to understand if we can help you to achieve them.

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